Quality Policy


With serving to cover the requests of the customers, it is taking a part  at the companies that are in the most important and everlasting in this sector.
It is designated targets below for realizing our policy

  • Always increasing the quality,
  • Minimizing the faulty product quantity.
  • Shortening the delivery time,
  • Always increasing the satisfaction of the customers,
  • Always improving the Quality Management System,
  • Proping up the suppliers,
  • Training and motivating the personel, and working with total quality mentality,
  • Following the technology and apply these innovations,
  • Using the sources productive and saving the environment,
  • Increasing our serving capacity depending on orders and competition,
  • Contributing to national economy by increasing profitableness of our company and enlarging it.


For the parts heat treatment processes are observed and measured in the constitution of Observing and Measuring The Input Parts. First, the parts are registered to order register with order number. After checking the parts are suitable for heat treatment or the other processes required, the parts are taken its digital picture on computer and it is sent to stations with part process form. Processes which done at the station by the personel, are registered. After the processes, hardness and depth of the parts are measured in laboratory, drawn up the report of them and sent to customer one copy of this report and keep the other copies in archives. If any part is not defined as spectral, first it is made a spectral analysis, then taken to operation. Also one copy of the analysis report is sent to customer. Accepting criterions in observation and measurements, and person / persons who are authorized to set free the parts, are stated in operation checking plan. Processed parts are not set free without approving by aothorized person their measurements and the reports are suitable. The prooves that show the accepting criterions are suitable, are keep in archives. Person / persons who set free the processed parts, are stated in these registrations. At last all documentary registrations are transfered to computer and keep in it.


For showing effectual and appropriateness of Quality Management System and improving the system continuously, the data of input, process and end of process are determined and it is analysed them. These analysises help us to improve Quality Management System in which processes. Data Analyzing are planned and applied according to the Process of Data Analyzing.
With the assistance of data analysis, in our company, it is obtained knowledge connected with subjects shown below:

  • Satisfaction of customer,
  • Appropriteness to material conditions,
  • Properties and tendencies of parts and processes included deterrent activity occasions,
  • Performance of the supplier.


First the complaints are registered, then the part in question are evaluated in committee of part investigation. After evaluation if necessary  it is applied new process to part, and new results are registered again. After investigation and process, the customer is informed about the results and given documentary reports.


Effectiveness of Quality Management System is improved continual in the range of Process of Improving Continual by means of quality policy, quality targets, scrutinies, data analysis, proofreader and deterrent activities and investigating of administration.