Hardenable Steel

This steel is alloyed and nonalloyed production steel that its chemical combination (especially contains carbon) is suitable for hardening and has high toughness in the pulling strength after hardening. Due to perfect mechanical properties that these steels acquired, they are used in the production of machine and engine parts, forged parts, various screws, nuts and bolts, crank shafts, axles, remote and mover parts, pistons, various metal rod, gears.

Hardening Process

It is described total of the hardening and tempering processes that it will be obtained to steel high toughness. Hardening process is the heating of the steel to ostenite phase temperature (850–900°C), holding the part enough time at this temperature and hardening with cooling by water or oil or warm solution. The getting of steel part to a homogeneous structure determines the holding time it in ostenite temperature, and this time changes due to chemical combination of steel.