About Us


As Teknik Isıl İşlem, we serve all industrial company to realize various heat treatments to their products in desired time, quality and best price with experience for 26 years.
In 2009, Teknik Isıl İşlem that can do the heat treatment by atmosphere controlled ovens, continual hardening ovens, cyanide baths and induction hardening machines; coat and colorize metal surface by coating baths; and clean metal surface by pellet machine; has taken ISO 9001 – 2000 certificate for serving with best quality, followable, repeatable, improvable and fastest service in direction of requests of the customers; and it has been working with the quality control system constituted by conditions that TS EN ISO 9001:2008 suggests, and obtained continuity.

In 1987, Teknik Isıl İşlem Trade Company have begun activity to make heat treatment for the parts of machine and tool manufacturer in a little scale factory in KARATAY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE in KONYA. Now it serve to companies that produce automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and agricultural parts, about heat treatment, surface coating and cleaning and laboratory treatments in the factory which has total area of 4500 m2 (the covered area is 4000 m2) by using the last technology during 24 hours and 7 days.
In our company, it is made the process of hardening, carburizing, izothermic annealing, induction hardening, aluminium heat treatment, tempering, annealing for normalisation, softening, aging, relieving tensile;  and coating by manganese-phosphate, colorizing to black and cleaning surface by pellets. Approximately %50 of all parts that are applicated heat treatment and surface coating, are exported without another operation.

These operations are made in the atmosphere controlled ovens, atmosphere controlled continual hardening ovens, induction hardening machines, cyanide baths and tempering ovens that have last technology. In all steps of the processes it is made a completely quality control for contining the process under the controlled conditions and getting the required properties. In the metallography laboratory, it is made spectral analysis, hardness and depth control and observing micro structure.

We completed the preparations for establishing quality management system constituted by conditions that TS EN ISO 9001:2008 suggests with UDEM International Documentation Organization in 2009, for supplying the customers requirement exactly.

It is covered  the requests of the customers better and increased their satisfaction with applying this quality system and always improving. It is followed the new technology and applied about our serving subject. With total quality management logic, and increasing the sufficiency, consciousness and training of our personnel continuously, it is obtained to serve completely and favourable.

The target of our company that intend the maximum customer satisfaction with maximum quality mentality, is improving its technology and increasing the capacity. However with increasing the profit it is intended to contribute to national economy.